Signed Contract for Pulping Line with Annual Output of 100,000 Tons

This Hunan customer has great trust in Leizhan’s pulping machines. This time, the customer signed a project with Leizhan for a special paper for fireworks with an annual output of 100,000 tons. Leizhan will customize pulping machines of corresponding specifications for the customer based on the needs of the project.

According to the signed agreement, Leizhan will provide customers with a complete set of pulping processing equipment such as high-efficiency hydrapulper system, JNS energy-saving coarse screen system, XZNS fine screen system, NLS low-pulse inflow pressure screen system, and ZNP disc thickener. At the same time, the pulping machine will also provide customers with corresponding after-sales services and guide customer staff to install and use it, so as to achieve the required pulping production volume.

Leizhan’s pulping machines have complete specifications, and Leizhan looks forward to providing high-quality pulping machines to more customers. Please email me about the pulping machine you need. Email address:

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