Drum Pulper In Waste Paper Recycling

Drum pulper set pulping and coarse screeing with a body, used for continuous pulping all kinds of waste paper( newspaper, industrial board paper, mixed waste paper, etc.), and coarse screening the paper pulp after pulping, reject treatment equipment. Large production capacity and low energy consumption because of the integrations of pulping and screening in one compact unit make the drum pulper a best choice for continuous pulping line.

Benefits Of Drum Pulper

1. Suitable for all kinds of waste paper
2. Lowest maintenance cost thanks to few quick wear parts
3. Utter maintain the physical of fiber due to gentle pulp under 14%-18% high consistency.
4. Sufficient fiber relief and low rate fine fiber loss

Drum pulper integrates high consistency breaking and coarse screening, simple structure, durable, is extremely low, and reduced labour for the waste paper selecting , so can save the expenses. Apart from, Leizhan can provide various kinds of paper making machine such as tissue paper, kraft paper, writing&printing paper, corrugated paper machine. If you have any need, welcome email us:wastepapermachine@gmail.com.

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