How To Maintenance D Type Hydrapulper

D Type Hydrapulper is mainly used for deslagging different pulp board ,broke and other wasted paper. Regular maintenance can improve the crushing ability of the equipment. Our customer have queastion about maintenance D Type Hydrapulper. We have formulated maintenance recommendations for customers based on their actual conditions, and equipment operation efficiency has been greatly improved.

The Maintenance Instruction Of D Type Hydrapulper

1. Lubrication: lubricate the bearings at regular intervals, add ZGM-2 grease every two weeks.

2. With the wear of screen and the increasing of screen hole, the screen need to be changed.

3. Changing the copper bush: strikes the head cover, rotor and uses tooling(provide by self) to strike rotor chassis.

4. Changing bearings: uses vehicles or slings to lift up the whole rotor device. Removes the rotor,the rotor chassis and screen from the top, and removes the big belt pulley and bearing block from the bottom.


Our engineers will formulate different maintenance plans according to different problems of the equipment. If you want to know more about How To Maintenance D Type Hydrapulper. Please free to consult us for further details. Email address:

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