Paper Mill Plant Desander

Paper mill plant desander is mainly used for removing heavy impurities in the pulp like gravel, scrap iron, dust and large ink particles.

Working Process Of Paper Mill Plant Desander

1. The heavy impurities discharged from the desander will settle under the action of gravity and enter the hopper.
2. Under the pressure of the flushing water, the light fiber slurry is discharged upward from the good slurry port, and heavy impurities continue to sink to the sediment tank.
3. The heavy impurities and the remaining fibers in the sediment tank are further separated under the washing action of the lower flushing water, and the fibers are recovered and accumulated with heavy impurities.
4. According to the impurities in the slurry, set a regular time slag, electromagnetic valve open to discharge impurities.

Features Of Paper Mill Plant Desander

Stainless steel body and ceramic cone and slag discharge mouth, long service life
Modular design, easy installation and maintenance
Slag with high efficiency

Main Specification Of Paper Mill Plant Desander

Rate Passing Capacity of Single Equipment(L/min):400-1500
Inlet Consistency(%):0.3-1.5
Pressure of Inflow Pulp(Mpa):0.2-0.4
Diameter of Deslagging Outlet(L/min):3-18

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