Paper Mill Felt Leading Roll for Sale

The function of the felt leading roll is to make the felt run smoothly, to balance the pressure between the felt and the press roller, and to bear the force generated by the friction between the press roller and the felt. The felt leading roll materials provided by Leizhan should have the advantages of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. to ensure its long-term stable operation.

Detailed information about the felt leading roll

(1) Leizhan can provide matching felt leading rolls for paper mills according to their needs to ensure that deviations and other failures will not occur during operation.
(2) Leizhan’s felt leading rolls are made of high-quality materials, which can improve the long-term service life and stability of the felt leading rolls.

In addition, Leizhan can provide good after-sales service to paper mills to ensure the normal operation of the felt leading roll. Welcome to send me an email about the paper making machine you need. Email address:

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