Flotation Deinking Machine For Paper Recycling Line

Flotation deinking machine for paper recycling line is a whole sealed equipment used for waste paper deinking and pulping.
Flotation deinking machine is mainly applied to deink recycled pulp. Flotation Deinking Machine can effectively remove the ink, light impurities and stickies, etc.

The Advantages Of Flotation Deinking Machine For Paper Recycling Line

1. The air in the pulp can be used many times, greatly improve the use ratio of air and ink removal efficiency.
2. High efficient flotation, the concentration of scum is very high, reduce the fiber loss.
3. High deinking efficiency, pulp with high whiteness after deinking and good brightness, the consistency of ink removal is big( can reach above 3% ).
4. Less loss of fiber, small occupy area, easy to operate and control, low energy consumption.

Main Specification Of Flotation Deinking Machine For Paper Recycling Line

Throughout Capacity(m3/h): 256-1600
Layers: 3-5
Consistency(%): 1.1±0.1
Production Capacity(t/d): 55-420
Consistency of Ink(%): 2-3

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