450T/D Coated Board Paper Machine

450T/D Coated Board Paper Pulp Making Process

Raw material:100% Waste paper
First, waste paper will be transported into D Type Hydrapulper or Drum Pulper by Chain conveyor for pulping.
Then, the pulp will be transported into High Density Cleaner to removing heavy impurities.
After that, the pulp will be conveyed into Pressue Screen, Light impurity Separator, Reject Separator, Fine screen, Vibrating Screen for coarse screening, fine screening, tailing treatment of paper pulp.
Then, Mid Density Cleaner, Low Density Cleaner will be used for further cleaning.
And, Double Disc Refiner and Pulp Pump will be used for improving pulp breaking degree.

Technical Parameter Of 450T/D Coated Board Paper Machine

Trimmed Width: 2400-6600mm
Basis Weight: 200-350g/m2
Working Speed: 200-600m/min
Production Capacity: 200-1400t/d

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