4300mm High Quality Kraft Paper Machine

The 4300mm multi-screen multi-cylinder paper machine is a high-quality paper machine that produces 100-300g/m2 kraft paper, with an output of 240T/D. The paper width of the Kraft Paper Machine is 4300mm, and it is arranged in a single layer. If you are interested in this Kraft Paper Machine, please email us.

Main Information about Kraft Paper Machine

Output: 240T/D (according to 200m/min, 200g/m2)
Quantitative range: 100-300g/m2
Working speed: 200m/min
Transmission mode: AC frequency conversion speed regulation division drive

Leizhan can design a mature, reliable, economical and reasonable paper machine solution for customers according to their requirements. If you need paper pulping production machine, please contact us. Email address: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com

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