450tpd Corrugated Paper Production Line

Congratulate on Leizhan customer’s 450tpd Corrugated paper production line working now! Corrugated/Fluting paper machine is used for making corrugated paper.

Structure of corrugated/fluting paper machine:

1.Headbox(D-Holy Rolls Open type, D-Holy Rolls Air-cushion type, Hydraulic type)

2.Fourdrinier Wire Section

3.Press Section(Combined type , Double Jumbo Press)

4.Dryer Section(Diameter 1.5m, 1.8m group Cylinder)

5.Hood(Open Hood, Closed Hood)origin

6.Sizing Press

7.Pope Reel

8.AC Inverter Sectional

The pulp equipment are mainly about waste paper conveyor belt, bale opener or bale breaker, drum pulp machinery, high&low density cleaner equipment, high efficiency paper pulp agitator, mid-consistency pressure screening plant, light impurity separator or pulp apple screen, etc.

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