Yankee Dryer Cylinder For Toilet Paper Making

Yankee Dryer Cylinder For Toilet Paper Making

Drying Cylinder On The Softness of Toilet Paper

The steam pressure and drying rate between the Yankee Dryer Cylinder and the dryers hood also affect the softness of the toilet paper. The matching of the evaporation characteristics of the Yankee type dryer cylinder and the design of the nozzle collector and the film forming of the chemical coatings are especially important. The development trend of metal materials sprayed on the surface of Yankee dryer and new type of crease scrapers, especially ceramic scrapers, have been recognized as obviously improving softness of toilet paper.

In this case, the composition of the Yankee type dryer coating becomes more important. The surface of metal spray is slightly rough than that of the original surface, and its thermal conductivity is also a little smaller, which will cause the micro welding problem of metal doctor blade and Yankee dryer surface. If we do not take preventive measures, it will reduce the adhesion to the paper.

Finally, in order to develop the advantages of new type dryer cylinder and doctor blade, the best coating method requires the paint to be very soft and highly adhesive, so as to get soft toilet paper.

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