Paper Mill Tissue Paper Machine for Sale

The toilet paper machine with a net paper width of 2400mm is suitable for producing various toilet paper products, such as toilet paper rolls, facial tissues, etc. Its weight range is 35-45gsm, which can be adjusted according to customer needs. This weight range is suitable for most common toilet paper products and meets consumer requirements for quality and softness.

The toilet paper machine has a wire width of 2900mm, which can meet the production requirements of toilet paper and ensure uniformity and consistency in the paper manufacturing process. At the same time, the use of AC transmission can achieve precise speed adjustment and control, improve production stability, and effectively reduce energy consumption.

The paper machine solution designed by Leizhan for paper mills can meet the needs of different applications, with high output and stable quality. It is an ideal choice for cultural paper machines in paper mills. Welcome to contact me to get the price of this paper machine. Email address:

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