Paper Mill High Quality Felt

As an important spare part of the paper machine, felt plays a vital role in ensuring the production efficiency and quality of the papermaking production line. The high-quality felt provided by Leizhan can not only extend the service life of the paper machine, but also reduce the downtime and maintenance costs of the paper machine.

Advantages of this Felt

1. Made of high-strength, wear-resistant materials, with long service life and stable performance.
2. The structure is reasonably designed to effectively support paper and drain water evenly to prevent paper deformation and damage.
3. It has good wear resistance, can resist the friction and wear of paper, and maintain long-term and stable working condition.

Leizhan’s pulp and paper machines have been well received by many paper mills, and Leizhan also looks forward to providing high-quality pulp and paper machines to more paper mills. Please feel free to contact me for details. Email:

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