Operation Site of Toilet Paper Pulping Line in Afghan

The pulping machines provided by Lezhan for Afghan customers for tissue pulping production lines have now been put into use. Under the guidance of professional engineers sent by Lezhan, these pulping machines have brought huge benefits to the customer. The customer is very satisfied with Leizhan’s pulping machine.

According to feedback from the Afghan customer, the use of these pulping machines has provided them with high-quality pulp for the production of toilet paper and also improved the efficiency of the tissue pulping production line. The customer is very satisfied with Leizhan’s pulping machines and responsible after-sales service.

Leizhan has become a professional pulp and paper machine manufacturer with rich experience and can customize various types of pulp and paper machines for customers according to their needs. Welcome to contact me for details. Email: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com

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