High Efficiency Press Roll for Paper Mill

The press roll primarily removes moisture from the wet paper web as it passes through the machine, thereby increasing its dryness and strength before entering the drying stage. Presse rolls apply pressure to the paper web, squeezing out excess water and improving its surface smoothness and uniformity. Leizhan’s press rolls can be divided into different types according to their functions.

Classification of Press Roll

Flat Press Roll: These rolls have a smooth surface that exerts even pressure on the paper web, making them ideal for achieving consistent paper properties.
Grooved Press Roll: The grooved press roll has a surface with patterns or channels that help improve water removal efficiency by directing water away from the paper web.
Suction Press Roll: The suction roll uses a vacuum system to absorb moisture from the paper web, thereby enhancing dewatering capabilities and improving paper quality.

Leizhan provides paper making and pulping machines and paper machine spare parts with advanced technology and advanced configuration, which are ideal equipment for paper mills. Please feel free to contact me for details. Email: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com

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