Guangdong Customer Customized Pulping Machine Usage Site

The pulping machines provided by Leizhan for the toilet paper pulping production line have been put into use. The operating efficiency and pulping effect of the toilet paper pulping production line of this Guangdong paper mill have been greatly improved, and customers are full of praise for Leizhan’s pulping machines.

The effectiveness of Lezhan’s pulping machines has been praised by many paper mills around the world, and Lezhan’s responsible after-sales service has also made many paper mills feel at ease. This Guangdong customer also relied on the assistance of Leizhan’s professionals to ensure the efficient operation of the pulping machine.

As a famous pulp and paper machine manufacturer in China, Leizhan is committed to providing high-quality pulp and paper machines to many paper mills around the world. Welcome to contact me for details. Email:

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