D Type Hydrapulper Widely Used in Paper Mill

The D-type hydrapulper is a pulping machine with a strong crushing capacity designed by Leizhan, which can forcefully crush and break fibers. This D-type hydrapulper can be used in pulping production lines for all raw materials, and has a wide range of applications.

Design Advantages of the D Type Hydrapulper

1. This D-type hydrapulper is made of carbon steel or stainless steel, which is not easy to corrode and can extend the service life of the machine.
2. Equipped with automatic slag discharge and pneumatic valves, which can save manpower and reduce production costs.
3. The pulping machine exceeds 25 cubic meters and has transmission support.

Leizhan’s pulping machines are the first choice of many paper mills. Leizhan also looks forward to providing high-quality pulping machines to more paper mills. Welcome to send me an email about the pulping machines you need. Email address: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com

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