Application of Doctor in Paper Mill

Special doctor for paper mills are usually made of special metal materials, which are hard and strong and can be used for a long time. The shape of the doctor is usually straight or curved to adapt to different paper making processes and needs. Due to the special properties of paper mill specific doctor, choosing the correct doctor material and shape is very important to meet different paper making needs.

1. It is mainly used to scrape off excess pulp from the surface of the drum of the paper machine to ensure the uniformity of paper thickness and quality.
2. It can be used to remove foreign matter and stains on the surface of the roller to ensure that the paper machine can work normally.

The doctor provided by Leizhan for paper mills can improve production efficiency and paper quality, thus increasing the competitiveness of enterprises. If you need to know more about Leizhan’s special doctor, please contact me. Email address:

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