OCC Pulping Line with Annual Output of 250,000t for Paper Mill

In this cooperation, the most important pulping machines provided by Leizhan mainly include: chain conveyors, D-type continuous pulper system, energy-saving pressure screen, high consity cleaner, and inflow pressure screen. These pulping machines are currently the most advanced pulping machines produced by Leizhan.

Main Introduction of These Important Pulping Machine

D-Type Continuous Pulper System: The pulper system adopts advanced pulping technology, which can effectively improve the quality and efficiency of pulp.
Energy-Saving Pressure Screen: The energy-saving design is adopted, which can greatly reduce energy consumption while ensuring the screening effect, which is in line with the current general trend of energy saving and emission reduction.
High Density Cleaner: effectively remove impurities in the pulp and improve the purity of the pulp.
Inflow Pressure Screen: It can effectively control the flow of pulp and ensure the uniformity of pulp.

Leizhan looks forward to in-depth cooperation with more customers to promote technological upgrading and innovation in the paper industry. Email me for more details. Email address: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com

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