Paper Sizing Machine In Papermaking Process

Paper Sizing Machine In Papermaking Process

Surface Sizing Of Paper Machine

  • The surface sizing of cultural paper is mainly to obtain better printing and writing performance, improve surface strength, and reduce the problem of losing hair and powder.
  • The sizing machine of corrugated paper is to obtain higher ring strength and better water resistance and moisture resistance.
  • The value of ring pressure strength after surface sizing will be greatly improved. After adding water and moisture resistance sizing agent in the glue solution, the moisture resistance and the moisture resistance of the corrugated paper can be greatly improved, and the cost of using the sizing agent in the slurry is often doubled or even several times.

Basic Configuration Of Sizing Machine

The liquid itself has a certain corrosive effect on the equipment, so the roller, frame and walking table of the sizing machine are usually made of stainless steel or processed with stainless steel. The upper and lower rollers of the sizing agent are a hard roller and a soft roller, and the hard roll is often plated with hard chromium on the prior culture paper machine.


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