Waste Paper Recycling Equipment Full Set

Waste paper recycling pulping is a major trend in today’s paper industry. The recycling of waste paper can reduce environmental pollution and papermaking costs, and has a high return. Waste paper recycling pulping can produce toilet paper, packaging paper, kraft paper, corrugated paper, Cultural paper etc.

Leizhan ia a professional manufacture of the full set paper recycling machine, which include the stock making plant, paper making machine and paper roll winding and rewinding machine, the further details as follows:

Waste Paper Recycling Project
Variety of finished paper:
1.Corrugated/fluting/medium/carton/cardboard/testliner/linerboard/box etc packaging paper;
2. Tissue/toilet/facial/napkin/towel/kitchen etc living paper;
3. Writing/Printing/Copying/Newsprint/A4/A3/Newspaper etc cultural paper;
4. Duplexboard/coated paper;
Production capacity:
1. Packaging paper machine: 0-800t/d, the actual yield is depends on your needs;
2. Living paper machine: 0-50t/d, the actual yield is depends on your needs;
3. Cultural paper machine: 0-300t/d, the actual yield is depends on your needs;
4. Coating board paper machine: 200-1400t/d, the actual yield is depends on your needs;

If you want start paper making business or wanting to update the old paper making line, please constult us, we can offer you the waste paper recycling machine at the lowest price. Email:  wastepapermachine@gmail.com. 

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