Paper Machine Headbox

Paper Machine Headbox

Paper machine headbox is a device for making the pulp on the paper machine. Leizhan paper mill headbox is connected with the pulp flow system of paper machine, and through the pulp distributing device is the rectifier (such as rectifier roll etc.) of the role, in order to create a good precondition for the forming of paper pages in the papermaking machine.

Approach Flow Of Stock Of Hedabox

  • The pulp is evenly distributed throughout the width of the banners along the paper machine. The paper pulp is required to form a pulp flow along the banners of the paper machine. The flow of the pulp must be stable, without disturbance and large eddy current.
  • Hydraulic headbox paper machine can effectively dispersing fiber to prevent flocculation. Paper machine headbox is required that the pulp must be a uniformly dispersed fibrous suspension and as much as possible to keep the fibers in the pulp flow undirected.
  • In the flow process, to avoid the possibility of pulp sizing, and easy cleaning.


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