Necessary Knowledge Of Paper Making Machine

No matter from which structure of clamping net forming part, must have the basic conditions as follows:

1) It must be equipped with efficient headbox, this condition is to guarantee the key factors to improve the paper machine speed and the forming quality, because the paper material suspension injection to two net net clamping molding department immediately formed sheet, the uniformity of the headbox of paper material ejected page fiber dispersion condition and distribution will be directly reflected in the forming of a page.

2) It must be equipped with a lot of dehydration in high speed high efficiency dewatering element, general paper machine speed is fast, and has the advantages of compact structure, forming the dehydration zone than fourdrinier machine is much shorter, only efficient dewatering element to ensure the drag removes a lot of water in a very short period of time, and guarantee the quality of forming a sheet of paper.

Because the web forming paper layer is sandwiched between the two meshes, it is symmetrical forming process. It is different from the long web forming. It has the following forming features:

1) In the forming process, the disturbance time of fiber in the paper page is short, the orientation of the fiber is less than the long net, and the performance of the formed paper is relatively close to the vertical and horizontal.

2) Fiber floc less, good dispersion, plus mesh forming in the two mesh, can play the role of finishing roll, forming the paper can achieve ideal evenness,

3) Because of the dehydration of both sides of the forming process, both sides of the paper are smaller and have better printing performance.

4) In the network layer of paper dehydration is continuous, while the Fourdrinier machine is intermittent dehydration, therefore in the dehydration section in the shorter can get higher dehydration effect, so that the whole network structure is compact and reasonable.

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